About Briana Gunn

Briana Gunn is an Australian Naturopath who specialises in using natural solutions to rebuild your health from CIRS and tick-borne diseases. In practice since 2009, Briana has seen over 1000 clients per year as a Naturopath and expert in nutritional bypasses for methylation disorders and sees patients all over Australia via Skype. Visit her website brianagunn.com for more info or read her review of Mold Illness Made Simple.

Naturopathic Treament of CIRS (Mold Illness)

This blog follows Part 1: Naturopathic Diagnosis of CIRS (Mold Illness) Once it has been determined that CIRS is the most likely diagnosis that accounts for the majority of the challenging symptoms, the next step is to determine the treatments needed. Using a naturopathic approach, I conduct a very comprehensive consultation with each client to [...]

Naturopathic Treament of CIRS (Mold Illness)2019-07-09T11:38:47+10:00

Naturopathic Diagnosis of CIRS (Mold Illness)

Naturopathic medicine has a lot to offer patients with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)/mold illness, which is a disease characterized by widespread inflammation, toxicity and chaotic immune system responses after exposure to toxic molds in water-damaged buildings and vehicles. Like all medical syndromes, CIRS is characterized by a cluster of symptoms. CIRS symptoms may [...]

Naturopathic Diagnosis of CIRS (Mold Illness)2019-07-09T11:43:54+10:00


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